School Uniform



Branded uniform is not compulsory.


All children are required to wear a school uniform, which consists of:

  • grey/black trousers, skirt or pinafore dress
  • purple check summer dress or grey shorts
  • white school shirt/blouse or polo shirt
  • purple school sweatshirt or cardigan with logo if possible
  • plain grey/white/black socks or tights
  • dark shoes with low heels and enclosed toes (no trainers, crocs or sandals).


Children are permitted to wear wellingtons or boots in bad weather conditions. However they MUST bring their normal school shoes with them.


P.E Kit


  • white PE t-shirt
  • black shorts
  • plain black coloured tracksuit and trainers for outdoor winter activities as required (no fashion or brightly coloured tracksuits). Black plimsolls for indoor PE.


All children should have a sensible school coat and raincoat/jacket.


Jewellery must not be worn for health and safety reasons.  However, children with pierced ears may wear small studs.  Children should be taught to remove their ear studs themselves, and a small box/bag should be provided to put them in when they take part in PE lessons.  Children are not allowed to wear ear studs in PE lessons, in line with DfE Guidance.
For children who are unable to remove their own ear studs and store them, parents and carers are required to send those children in without ear studs for that day.



Branded School Uniform can be purchased via SchoolYard in Royston.  Here is the link to their website: Roman Way – Roman Way School Uniform Site (




News Blog

Key Stage 1 WOW Day



  On Monday 17th July Key Stage 1 were transported to Goa for their WOW Day.  They simulated a flight complete with flight attendants and an in flight snack.  They also tasted homemade bhaji's, samosas and a variety of fruits and juices.



KS1 WOW Day Photos




Year 4 Bowling Trip


On Tuesday 18th July our Year 4 leavers spent the morning bowling.  This was generously paid for by the Roman Way Supporters.  Here are a few pictures:


Year 4 Bowling photos





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