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On Thursday 2nd February Mrs Dean lead a workshop for Parents and Carers on Zones of Regulation. 

Mrs Dean explained how Zones of Regulation helps children to manage their emotions in school, and gives idea's on how this can be utilised at home too.


For the full presentation with commentary please click on the link below:

Zones of Regulation Presentation


Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who were able to join us.


         To begin the KS2 topic on Romans, the children investigated 10 artefacts. They looked at them in detail, predicting what they could be or made of and asking historical questions to help them find out more about the object.

        (Please see photographs in the Key Stage 2 gallery)

   We were so pleased the children were able to perform to their families again this year.  They all worked so hard!

 (for more photo's please visit the individual Key Stage galleries).




Key Stage 1 had a wonderful afternoon becoming Royalty, parading their homemade crowns and celebrating the end of term. (for more photo's see the Key Stage 1 Gallery)

  We were delighted to be able to invite Parents and Carers in for a craft afternoon with the children.  Everyone had a fantastic time. (for more photo's please see the whole school gallery)


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