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           Key Stage 2 have been working hard on their displays.  






      (Please see the Key Stage 2 Gallery for more photos)

 on the 23rd September the children took part in Jeans for Genes day, raising money for charity.





For more photo's please see the whole school gallery.

This month our Owls have been busy making their own pizza's.  This involved choosing their own toppings and preparing them before the pizza's were baked.  They were then able to take them home.

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On Thursday 21st April  Key Stage 1 had their WOW Day to start their new topic ‘From Field to Fork’.  The children used a variety of fruits and vegetables to print on fabrics to make picnic blankets.  They made a list of the  different things they needed for their picnic and they followed recipes to make jam, cheese or ham sandwiches.  The children helped the adults to pack their picnic and went onto the school field where they had their picnics.  They had fun all afternoon.


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On Tuesday 8th March, all our Year 1 children embarked on their first ever school trip to take part in a speed stacking event at King James Academy.  

Organised by the staff at KJAR, the event gave our children the opportunity to try out the sport of speed stacking through lots of fun and lively activities. Speed stacking is an exciting sport that helps hand-eye co-ordination and focus and all the children came back wanting more so it is sure to become a regular in our PE lessons and during golden time! 

A big thank you goes out to Miss Williamson and the Year 9 helpers at KJAR and all our fantastic parent volunteers for making this school trip possible. All the children had a wonderful time. 


(More photo's can be found in the Key Stage 1 Gallery) 









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