On Thursday all children took part in International Day.  Each class celebrated a different country and children were invited to wear the representative colours of the flags.  Thanks to:  Mrs Mattai Del Moro,  Mrs Bila, Mrs Grimes, Mrs Abell, Mrs Williamson and Mrs Moore who visited the classes to tell the children about their home countries.  We were overwhelmed to see so many parents and carers attend the afternoon craft session and hope you all enjoyed it. 


* Children were able to come to school in traditional dress.

* Promoting respect for other cultures, famous/significant people, languages, traditions.  Children native to the country became the ‘experts’ for the day.  In Badgers class one child was helping with the teaching of  Spanish and pronunciation.  In Squirrels one child told the class facts about Ukraine.

* Each class learning about a different country.  Range of creative activities throughout the day—dance, art, singing, group work, languages, cooking. 

* Parents invited to work with their child’s class in the afternoon and to join in activities. 

* Teachers still expected high standards of learning and behaviour and used school approaches of  retrieval and practice vocabulary introduced in line with current key vocabulary school approaches.

* Collaborative learning.


 Click the link below to view some photo's of the day:


International Day 2023


Thanks go to Mrs Oram and staff for organising such a wonderful event.


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