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Weekly Update 24th May 2024

Friday 24th May 2024

Involving Parents and Carers

This week, the chickens came to visit Nursery. The children got to look closely at the chickens and feel how silky their feathers were. We learnt that chickens lay eggs, some hatch and some are for eating.


We talked about how to look after chickens e.g. feed them, give them water and a cosy house.
We discussed how we need food, water and a home too. They decided that they didn’t want to eat the same food as a chicken (worms, bugs, grass and grain).

We sang ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall’ and used real eggs (some raw and some cooked). The children had to predict what might happen when they hit the ground. We used lots of language to describe what the eggs looked like: gooey, smooth, crumbly and hard. The children noticed that some eggs were raw and some were cooked. The children talked about how they liked their eggs cooked.


The children got to experience collecting the eggs the chickens had laid. They then got to use the eggs to make some cup-cakes. We used a cookbook to follow the recipe and the children decided that they wanted some chocolate cakes decorated with marshmallows. Throughout the mixing we talked about the different textures and that the eggs had mixed with the other ingredients, and we could not see them anymore.