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School Values

We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life. We have created a safe, stimulating and inclusive learning environment, with a broad, rich and progressive curriculum.

Our code of conduct, Ready, Respectful and Safe, underpins all aspects of our school life.

- to develop a positive mindset and a positive attitude towards all learning opportunities so that children can tackle challenges

- to enable children to demonstrate readiness in all aspects of school life by being on time, equipped and eager to learn

- to enable staff to become lifelong learners

- to enable the parents and wider community to be ready to engage in school life

- to enable and empower all pupils, staff and the wider community to show respect and kindness towards each other through all our actions and interactions

- to uphold British values and enable all to recognise the importance of different cultures and beliefs

- to foster positive relationships, behaviour and attitudes to learning

- to encourage everyone to feel safe and be safe in all that they do in and out of school, including all interactions with each other

- to raise awareness amongst the whole school community about how to keep safe online