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Reception Weekly Update (6) - Week beg. 20.5.24

It was Aspirations week at Roman Way this week and on Thursday we were greeted at the gate by a collection of miniature police officers, teachers, doctors and chefs all ready for our dress up day.  Reception were also very excited to have a Detective Sargeant and the school chef to come in and talked to us about his job. The children were very inquisitive and asked lots of questions about the jobs.

For Drawing Club this week, we tied into Aspirations Week by using an old 'Mr Benn' animation as our inspiration. We thought about who we'd choose to become if we too had a magic changing room!

In Maths, we have been learning how to use a rekenrek, a small counting frame similar to an abacus. We learnt how to put the rekenrek into the 'ready position' and how to move the beads accurately to help the children visualise the composition of numbers.

To wrap up our topic of 'Marvellous Minibeasts', the children practised their observational drawing. Each child chose a minibeast to draw and was encouraged to look at the different lines and shapes to recreate it on their page. We were very impressed with the results.

We wish everyone a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing all the children back for their last half term of Reception!