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Reception Weekly Update (4) - Week beg. 6.5.24

This week we have been enjoying some sunshine at long last.  The children enjoyed their second swimming lesson. In their small groups, they played lots of games in the pool to increase their confidence in the water.   Thank you also to Mrs Radford for supporting us pool-side.

For our minibeasts topic, we learnt all about bees and how important they are for our ecosystem. We also discovered that their numbers are decreasing but that there are ways to help. We therefore planted some flower seeds in our outdoor area to try and encourage little visitors. In addition to their weekly music lesson, the children also listened to Rimsky Korsakov's famous piece of classical music 'Flight of the Bumblebees'. As a class, we discussed how the music made us feel before grabbing paper and pencils to draw as the music played.

In drawing club, we read the traditional tale of Thumbelina. The children drew and wrote about the main character and thought about what the old woman could use to make thumb-size, miniscule furniture for her tiny daughter.

Our focus in maths this week has been exploring number bonds to 10. We have been using 10s frames and double dice frames to look at which two numbers add together to make 10. To help us practise we have been playing Hit the Button game: