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Reception Weekly Update (2) - Week beg. 22.4.24

We have had a wonderful second week here in Reception. We have continued our learning about 'Marvellous Minibeasts'. The children were introduced to our new class pet, a stick insect! We learnt about the creatures' amazing ability to camouflage and that they are, like all minibeasts, invertebrates. The children have enjoyed trying to spot him in his net!

This week, we also thought about the changing seasons and, when there was some (brief) sunshine, we took the opportunity to go into our grounds for a spring walk. The children found lots of signs of spring: blossom, new growth on the trees, lots of minibeasts as well as bluebells and daisies. We compared this to what it looked like in winter to think about the changes that have happened.

In maths, we have been looking at the composition of number 6 this week and have used lots of resources to represent the number as a double or as a '5 and 1 more'.

In our last PE lesson focussing on ball skills, the children used their new found skills to try and kick a ball to their partner making sure they used the inside of their foot to direct the ball. It has been a great unit of learning but the children are now really looking forward to the start of their swimming lessons. We just hope Mr Gadsby has heated the pool up nicely!!