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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Mental Health Lead (MHL) is Mrs Anna Dean.

We encourage our pupils to identify their trusted adults: both at home and in school they can speak to when worried or anxious about something. In each KS1 & 2 class, we have a class worry box where children can write down a worry and post this in the box as an alternative way to share this with a trusted adult.

We follow the Zones of Regulation approach to help children identify their emotions and self-regulate by choosing strategies that help them return to 'green zone'. For more information about Zones of Regulation, please talk to our staff and watch out for the workshop video coming soon.

Useful links:

WithYouth: online support for children experiencing mental ill health and/or emotional distress

Lumi Nova: gaming app to help children manage fears and anxieties

CAMHS: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Herts)

Young Minds: fighting for young people's mental health

Cosmic Kids on You Tube: Yoga, Mindfulness & Relaxation

BBC Moodbusters - videos to reinvigorate and build resilience

Try this easy breathing technique to help calm your child: