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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Roman Way Academy is a school where all learners are encouraged to be the best they can be. We strive for a safe, caring and motivating learning environment where high quality teaching and learning experiences ensure success and achievement. We have designed our curriculum to ensure it is knowledge rich, skills driven and delivered through discrete teaching in each subject. At Roman Way Academy, we recognise every child as an individual and provide a learning experience that adds value to every child’s starting point. We believe that children should have access to time, resources and support when needed, but also develop skills needed to become successful, independent and resilient learners; both now and in life beyond Roman Way.

The curriculum has intentionally been designed to be sequential and progressive so it builds on the children’s existing knowledge and supports children in making meaningful links to their previous learning. Concepts are identified and introduced in relevant subjects and the understanding of these is deepened as they are revisited through deliberate practice and retrieval methods. Children are exposed to learning both in classrooms and in our ‘Intensive Curriculum Experiences’ (ICE) zones. All learning areas are appropriately resourced to facilitate effective learning. Key knowledge, skills, vocabulary and learning objectives or learning questions are identified for each subject.

At Roman Way Academy, we continually assess the children’s understanding using a variety of methods. This formative assessment informs our immediate feedback, helps us reshape a lesson where needed and shows us which children need further teaching, further practice or further support. In addition, it informs future planning and termly summative assessments. 

Children with SEND at Roman Way have full access to our curriculum. Reasonable adjustments are made to enable all children to be included.